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SR Hybrid Therapy

The best solution for your mind, body and soul.

Beck’s depression inventory 

It can be difficult to determine if you are suffering from symptoms of depression. If in doubt, go ahead and take this quiz.

The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) is a valuable tool for evaluating symptoms of depression and measuring progress in treatment. BDI is a globally recognised & validated self-reporting questionnaire.

My focus is on empowerment, not dependence! 

In my years of being a doctor what I’ve noticed is that most treatments and therapies, be it taking medications or talking therapies - a dependence develops on drugs or towards the therapists themselves.

This happens during the lengthy course of treatment required in order to achieve results.

By achieving therapeutic results within one session (in some cases upto 3 sessions), in RTT the focus is on empowering the client - not on dependence.

 If your problem is not listed, it does not mean that RTT cannot help you 

How can we help ?


Dr. Savitha Raveendran

I am a Doctor, wife & a mother of two. I am a Licensed, fully qualified Psychiatrist who believes in treating people holistically. For some conditions medications are essential but overall, I am strongly against prescribing drugs as first line of management for any condition.

I have had varied interests from a very young age ranging from astrology, Ayurveda (one of the India’s oldest healing science),Crystal therapy, healing through music, herbs, essential oils, Eco therapy and so on.

Savitha Raveendran

MBBS, MRCPsych, RTT therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist(Marisa Peer Method)


Smoking, Alcohol, Recreational drugs, Gambling, Compulsive behaviour


Stress, Phobias, Panic attacks, Generalised anxiety disorder, Nail biting, OCD, Insomnia and sleep disorders

Mood Disorders

Depressive disorder, Motivation, 

Procrastination, Self-esteem and confidence, Sleep issues, Sexual issues, Relationship issues


Interview skills, Public speaking, Exams, Achieving goals

Physical issues

Chronic pain, Migraine, Skin, hair issues, Mobility, Food and weight issues


Childhood problems, Sports performance, Memory issues

Our blog

I specialise in unlocking potential, liberating clients from fears & limiting beliefs. I use a hybrid therapy technique based on neuroscience that brings about transformational results! 

I help rewire old childhood traumas and support clients to let go of anything that does not serve them anymore.

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